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I Baby My Inay..

She’s always our baby, our inay. She who gave life to the three of us, she who takes care, nurtures and loves all of us without expecting anything in return. She who had gone through the tests of life since she was young, she who endured the pain, sacrifices and trials life brings. She who disciplined us, more disciplinarian than tatay is. Yes, we experienced her beating us, spanked us , pinched us, but we know the reason now, those were her ways of teaching us the right attitude, and we are what we are today because of her, I am proud to be her daughter, I am proud of my Inay!


Nay, thanks for the life you’ve given us, thanks for supporting all of us in our dreams, thanks for being a very good inay, thanks for always being there, not only for me but for everyone who you touch. You are so precious, can’t imagine life without you. We love you so much! Thanks for sacrificing your life, that we almost lost you when you gave birth to Leo, thanks for fighting!

We baby you, not only because it’s mother’s day, we baby you every day of our lives. We hope we somehow make your life comfortable now, we hope that the pain you’ve had already vanished. We love you so much!! Happy mother’s day!! Thank you so much! 🙂

Till then,