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It’s Raining Again…Summer Isn’t Over

Too hot, yet it rains lately. This causes soooooooooooo much headaches, will even result to fever. I think it rained more than five now, and it’s still summer. Implied that the effect of pollution and global warning is severe, causing this acid rain.

On the other hand, I must be thankful for the rain, (duh, I’m so balderdash!), farmers want it, praying for it for long. It’s a blessing though. Others are complaining for experiencing too hot even night time so here comes the answer to ease that hot feeling, rain…to bring us wee freshness and forget about warm and headaching feeling.

Just hope that we do not experience typhoons this year and the coming years, hope that the nature will not grief so we won’t suffer. And I also just hope that we Filipinos treat our nature well, protect it and love it. Garbage is everywhere, I can’t help but shrug and utter, we are so mean…………

I just opine, so till then,