Daily Living MBA


I am inspired to write as many post as I can, inspired hmmmmm… Thanks for the rain God, it felt cold in wee moment, feels good. Out of topic, irrelevant jejeje..

As I was passing by the seaside this morning, I noticed a used motorhomes and wondered why they are thrown there, hmmm again. Not only garbage is thrown but also those. Why not dispose properly right? What are we going to bequethe to the next generation? Save it for them!

Zest, jejeje just mentioning the title, I hope I have the zest again to study our marketing case and incessantly write e analysis I will have ajejeje… Semestral break is getting nearer, three more meetings and I finish one sem, yahoo!! Thankfully I made it, my dream of taking an MBA happens, yahoo!! Less than a year to wait yahoo again!! Thanks God!! 🙂

Till then,