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I Finally Edited the Design and Theme of My Blog

Girly, feminine, I love it now!! Yahoo.. Thanks Ryan Joson of for sharing your knowledge to me on how to edit the stylesheet and chenes of my blog.. You helped me a lot, we both share what we know, which is better 🙂 here in blogging, I feel no competition, just contest ajejeje… Just ask me anything about paid post and I will be willing to share though 8)

I find it easy to edit, play and see what and how my blog will look like, I really love pink and blue combination of course with black. What I found hard is the header, hmmm, I tried experimenting and editing it many times, went on and off the original cartoon-like, tried the pink rounded-ribbony, the orange flower inserting the title, then went back to the original cartoon-lile character because all of those I have mentioned did not work and fit well. ANd then finally, after searching google with pink heart wallpaper, I got it, played many times, finally I have it. Hope it looks more enticing ajejeje like ice cream and cake, soooo yummy.

Finally I was able to edit the title of my posts too and have it forte font, and the title I Just Opine as MS…na-aah so oblivious, I need an excel to remind me what font I use. I feel like dancing in the stage, I did it without browsing any html codes and stylesheet editing book, I did it without the help of web designer!! I myself is a web designer now yahoooo!!! I am jumping with joy.. I can now share what I learn and know about stylesheet editing (wee) Thanks so much Ryan!! You are a big part of this success ahahaha, I called it success 🙂

If you want my help, just pm me, and I will demand a cheap pay, no oh just kidding….

Till then, ooooppppss, I need to change my signature now, it needs to be pink, not orange… love it ahem. I am a girl, a lady and a lass 🙂

Till then,