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Lucrative Pottery

I know a person residing in Tiaong Quezon who has been very famous in pottery craft, this handicraft of him helps a lot of people from the barangay where he lives. My friend is also working there, not as a potter but as an office girl. He also is involve in teaching clay, teaching about how to mold and shape it using throwing wheels. Products are amazing, lots of creative designs patronize by many. They are also send out or exported to different countries.

Not only Philippines does this, and so because of this, supplies and materials use in potter and ceramic making are in demand. We can easily find them at AMACO/Brent potter, if you need some wheel replacement parts, just inquire them and viola, for sure are available.

Ceramic and pottery is one of the artistic ways to enhance one’s talent, it is a way to divert the inate skills one has. I dreamed of becoming one, I dreamed of attending a pottery or ceramic training, it’s a nice and lucrative hobby. A must try devotion. A way to stardom, just know how to use and handle that inate talent, develop and share to others. As I said, a person I know is now famous, he’s been featured to many of the local and international publication, visited by most of the tourists, artist including bloggers like me. I’ve been to his place many times, and was always amazed of hiw arts, of hiw works, of his products. No doubt, he is worth the fame, a humble potter to look up to.