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I Draw Again, Because of Puyat…

To kill the sleepy hours I felt during my class on Marketing, I drew few people of the class. It was again the time that I used my talent jejeje. So hard to become so attentive no matter how I tried, reporters were discussing about the social responsibility and ethics and etc, but still my eyes could not endure but closed, yet I need to stay awake otherwise I might be reprimanded.

Here are the photos of what I had, guess who they are;


two persons in sitting in front of me

and da hu? 

I slept late, I slept at 4:00 am,I finished the powerpoint presentation of our HBO Leadership report, may I say fortunately, we were not able to present it to the class, we are to report the fourth topic of Part 3, there were already ten reporters, that’s why we were not able to present ours. Fortunately, because one of our groupmates was absent.

Till then,