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Perfectly Blinded by Blinds

I was amused by my title weeee…. Perfectly blinded by blinds, this has nothing to do with disability or something, I am referring to window blinds. Timing issue, because I am personally looking for a perfect blinds that can be used at home, I have not installed any permanent window yet, like those window glasses and the like, and my cousin suggested that since we haven’t installed any yet and we are using bamboo instead covered by curtains, she suggested us to use blinds to perfectly cover the window opening. I am considering to use natural wood blinds just like what I normally see everywhere. However, why not try custom blinds online and feel relaxed roman shades it bring. I am considering buying those, apparently, I also need to consider the prize, when I inquired to one of the near stores, it costs more than P500.00, that’s a single unit, and we have how many windows? 🙂

Using blinds will eke beauty to your home or in your office, let me talk about office first. I am amazed everytime I see homes with beautiful blinds, blending with the nice and attractive paint used. Home need not to be big, so long as it is clean and persons living therein are happy, like us. Ours is just simple, yet we love it and consider it as big as a mansion 🙂 Happy living together.

Till then,