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Inventory Expansion Turns Into Auditor

What is inventory.. This draft was created for a post relative to inventory, and I am forced to deviate from it and write something else about energy and energy auditor, timing though since we currently are experiencing global warming.

Getting meaning through context and hope I am right, energy auditor means, examining the energy, from the word audit. In accounting, audit means checking the accuracy and correctness of a certain amount, and here I think it means, checking the way we use energy. It just implies that, we need to conserve enrgy and use it wisely. Think of the next years’ generation, how will they utilize the things we will bequeath if we utilize it the wrong way? Imagine it people, do you want them to live on earth full of pollution, garbage and unfriendly? It’s not nice to live in there anyway isn’t it?

I am a resident of the Philippines, and I witness how cruel and ruthless some Filipinos are. Throwing garbage everywhere, mountains seem like a fire due to kaingin, that is why when typhoon visits our country, see the result, flooded areas, worst, people shed their lives even those who are innocent. Grievance of nature to consider, we tend to forget our role or responsibility, to take good care of our Mother Earth since we’re benefiting from it. It’s mutual, mutualism, give and take relationship, they give resources and we take, we shall also give them the best care in return. A single candy wrapper is not worth throwing in the pathways or highways, you have your bag, you have your pocket, put it in there first if you can’t find the right bin to throw with. But because human acts become acts of human and become oblivious and irresponsible, throwing irresponsibly is the first they do. A single candy wrapper from different persons thrown irresponsibly when combine can make a mountain of garbage. Let us not show the kids this irresponsibility, let us show them how things are done right.

With energy, just conserve it though, in this little way, surely earth will smile and love us incessantly 🙂

Till then,