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Nanay Ganda’s 4th Year..


Today marks my grandmother’s fourth year death anniversary. This article is dedicated to her, I can’t visit her where she laid, and I believe through this page, I am still able to express how I love her. She who also endured poor living, born with peddling until she was old. I was incapacitated to help her leave peddling because I was still studying, wishing someday I may help her just stay at home and rest. I did it in few years, but due to her dotage, she left us. I just wish we were able to give her comfort. She bequeathed us the behavior of being humble and being good to our parents, she bestowed and left us the grinding stone or gilingan which we currently use. She bequeathed us love.

We miss her, we love you nanay ganda!

Till then,