Tips to Positively Land a Good Job

One of the tools helping you to land a good job is creating succinct yet appealing resumes, detailing all the important data and information especially your job competency and work experiences. Be sure to list down all the duties and functions you perform, your achievements and education. If you are a fresh graduate looking for a job, list down all the curricular activities, position held during your studies. Additionally, make sure you have an impressive yet achievable objective narrated at the very beginning of your resume.

Study and familiarize yourself with what are stipulated on your curriculum vitae, those are being asked during the interview. Stay confident as you answer the interviewer’s question, focus and look straight to the eyes, conveying what you say are true. Learn to prepare answers to questions like; “How did you know about us?”, “What do you know about our company?” – do a research about the company you are applying for prior to the interview, “What are your attributes?”, “What makes you different from other applicant?”,” Why do you think we should hire you?”, “How can you help us?”, and one of the hardest is “Tell me something about yourself?” – hard because you are not sure how to say it, what and how, is it about your personality, work experience or likes? Might as well clarify what the interviewer wants to know just to be sure.

Additionally, be properly groom, don the best business attire you have, remember, first impression lasts. The first thing you show to the prospective company or interviewer is yourself, the way how you show and dress create impression.

There are many ways to look and search for a job, especially now in techy days, internet and job search in always available, bulletin or newspaper, and if you are diligent enough, walk through the areas or manufacturing sites and submit your resume personally.

Be the best you can! Be confident and think positive. If others can, why can’t you? 🙂

Till then,