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My Bets – 9 & 15

All of us have bets when it comes to many competition, however, this doesn’t mean that your bet will win, lucky if they will.

Here are my bets, my eyes judged them 🙂

Candidate No. 9 –  Mary Ellaine Ching – I always see her in the church (BVMQW) attending the mass with her mother and siblings, I sometimes sit beside her. When she was still young, she was not beautiful as she is now, however, as she grew up, she develops the beauty she has and she got her body shaped.


Candidate No. 15 – Mylene Claura – love your own. Not only that she is from Cabatang where I also reside, I also know her as an intelligent teen. I was their guest speaker when she graduated in elementary and she was among the top 5 students of their class.


For now those are my bet….Personally speaking…. Yet, whoever wins, i know she deserves it!! Just be a role model after winning the title…

Till then,