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Yes, It’s Finals!!

Yes it is! Finally after three months of spending my Saturday time at school, finally trisem is over on May 22, it will be our final day, and our final examination, hope i’ll pass! Hope we all could pass the exam and be able to enrol again the next sem.

Time really wanes so fast, we barely notice that almost half a year is over, and so when “ber” months starts, time runs faster as if chasing for something. It means that we owe to give our love and care to everyone around us, especially with our families, who knows, in a minute or two, our time will come to an end, hard to accept but it is the reality. So always make the most out of it.  

Going back to our finals, the 39 students from our class will soon end the agony or the toils of making it to a sem in taking a masteral degree. We all realized that it is not facile to study again, especially if you are working. We had and have a hard time balancing our time between work and studies, between gimmick and studies. I had to set aside some events, I missed out two or three because of my saturday class. You really need to set priorities should you decide to go back to school again, preponderate first things first. Taking up MBA is my priority next to my work as of now, this resulted me and obliged me not to attend to some of my friends special moments, sad and they understood me. 🙂

I have yet to finish it in one year, it’s not that long, I know I can make it. I will be having my class on weekdays next sem, try another schedule again, I had saturday class, and it was hard, so let me have weekdays, MWF, 6:30 to 9:00pm, 3.5 hours in a day compared to more than ten hours during Saturdays.

Goodluck my classmate!!

Till then,