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One Trisem Over

Since I have this page on time, yet updated on a sunday, i will narate it using past tense.

May 22 was the last day of one trisem, it was also our Finals. We had not taken the exam in HBO yet because there were four groups who reported, the final exam as according to our professor Albert dela Cruz will be sent to us through email.

Our next subject after 4 hours in HBO was Decision Science, our finals, we only have one item to answer. It was facile our professor gave the answers however we had to complete the process. And also, the night before that, I tediously programed the formula so I won’t be having difficulty calculating the answers, luckily, the answers computed by the excel were correct.

Finally was Marketing. We had our exam, comprehensive exam after the presentation of Liz Claiborne’s case analysis, there were two who presented. Afterwhich was the time to answer the five questionnaires of Markting. Hmmm, how was it? All I can say is that I hope I pass, I hope we all pass.

Being a student was fun, since this was our last day, we took plenty pictures, seemingly happy as if all is over. This is what I love being a student or going anywhere, I got to meet many people and befriend them. But the sad thing is, I don’t know some of the names of my classmates yet. But I personally would like to thank them all for being part of my student life, hope to see them all again! I will miss you!



Till then,