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Preparing for an Event

I will be attending another friend’s wedding on July 25, and I am one of the bridesmaid again, always a bridesmaid, never been a bride πŸ™‚ , to ready myself and to fit the gown elegant on me, huwaw, must I need to have appetite suppressantsΒ to lose weight? Do I need to lose more? I don’t think so, I know I’m fit, and always am πŸ™‚ (not bragging)

My friend is the groom to be, and we have the same birthdate, we are both Piscean, both kind and family-loving, patient and ambitious. What else positive can I say. So much about that, I’ll it end this post now. Let’s wait and see. I already given my body measurement, some adjustments are expected wohooo… πŸ™‚

Till then,