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It’s My Anniversary Today

Thank you God, I reached  a year of tenure here in ACS, today is my first year anniversary, together wirh Mara Isidro and Leo Bueza, we are the remaining batchmates who made it this far, the rest, after a week, resigned and went to another company. The first one transferred to Manila Hotel, next was Rich who transferred to Taguig followed by Sherryl Igatanloc whom I considered as my sister, we’re both have similar personalities and were born March, next was Kathleen Joy Lozada who also went to a company in Taguig lastly was Che Eridao, the youngest from our batch, resigned because she got married to a long time boyfriend. We will be missing another one next month, the three of us will be cut into two, guess who is that.

Sad that only two will remain and how long will we stay here? I like working here, I love my company, though there are times that I can’t understand other people around. We have lots of differences, but still in the end we have one goal to meet. When you’re feeling bad, just keep silent. We can’t shun it, what important is, we know how to deal with different kind of people and sometimes befriend others. Besides, why should I not love this company when my bosses are all nice, understanding and treat us well?

Till then,