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I did not fully enjoy summer here in my present company, we did not have any company outing as compared to my previous company wherein we went to 8 Waves in Bulacan (2007), White Rock in Subic Zambalez (2008) and many more. During those days, summer outing committee members were busy organizing the mentioned company event, it is one of the benefits of the employees so this should always be done yearly. Might as well browse many fat burner reviews whether it be magazines or newspaper to enable you do don the sexiest summer outing you have.

I missed joining our first team building, an overnight swimming at Pansol Calamba Laguna, I wasn’t able because it was the time when my grandmother recently passed away. But this was not the summer outing yet, the more the merrier though we do not know each other that well. 🙂 Hopefully we could have a very nice and memorable company event this year 8)

Till then,