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Sunsilk for Philippine Fashion Week – the Event

As I have mentioned in my previos blog, I was one of the lucky bloggers who made it to register to be the guest in the Sunsilk Philippine Fashion Week. It’s a 13th season of the Philippine Fashion Week, it is a must see fashion show and events for all thouse fashionistas, with me as an exception.

Philippine Fashion Week started yesterday May 26 and will last until June 2, 2010 to unveil the Holiday 2010 collection from different local designers. The initial fashion show was luckily witnessed by me and my fellow bloggers. Other events and shows will be performed and conducted at SM MOA Atrium and SMX Convention Center just beside the MOA.

I will reviewing the very first fashion show I have ever attended and it’s the Sunsilk. Upon arriving the mall. I went directly to the event area and looked for Ms. Joyce Ramos who was the one attending the bloggers. I saw her right away because there was a black signed “BLOGGERS” and I knew the only girl in front of it was her. Without any reluctancy, I approached and asked “Ms. Joyce?, I am Dhina Lieva, a blogger” then she browsed the guest list and found my name, had me signed and handed me my ticket.

entrance ticket

The gate opened at 6:30pm, I sitted beside my fellow blogger Alex Dizon, second row away from stage, a perfect place to take photos and see models. Unfortunately, since we were very near, my neck stiffs until now as I was always looking up to the models watching and capturing pictures.

There were four Sunsilk variants introduced during that event together with the fashionable outfits designed by eight designers. Let me tell you something broad about it, as written by Annie Ringor.

“Sunsilk has once again brought an innovative concept to life by partnering with the world’s hair specialist to come up with products that address very specific hair types and conditions within each of their areas of expertise. It is shown in television as the new Sunsilk’s commercial. This fusion is known as “co-creation” and is unique to Sunsilk. Under this concept, two parties with complimentary expertise and a shared vision work together to create something new, different and better.”

Yesterday, the show started at around 7:15pm, hosted by Sarah Meier. She introduced the Sunsilk Co-Creation and then further discussed by the Brand Manager Jem Mercado, followed by the EVP Joey Espino.


Co-creators of Couture

Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable (pink) was the first variant introduced. Models ramped with couture designed by the tandem of Arnold Galang and John Paras.



Second was the Sunsilk Strong and Long – color green variant, visually represented the designs from the pair of Joel Escober and Raoul Ramirez.


The orange variant Sunsilk Damage Repair was the third introduced, models with couture designed by Chris Diaz ans Veejay Floresco. Stunning orange, lovely fashion designs I must say!





Ready to wear with a couture twist by Jerome Salaya Ang partnered with Lyle Ibañez were the designed donned by the fourth and final variant, the violet sunsilk. I want to say that I was impressed with these designes, it makes a lass more glamorous when these are donned. Even comfy to wear yet sexy-looking still.





After an hour of show, catwalking and presentation of couture of the eight designers, the show has ended. Presented before the stage were the entire models with Jem Mercado and Sarah Meier. The show lasted for an hour.




Ms. Jem Mercado – the Brand’s General Manager and Sarah Meier, the event’s host


The event did not end there, all the guest went to Taste Asia for an after party dinner. I joined Alex Dizon and Nherz in this dinner. Music and live stream video presentation were done. There were also netbooks available so we were able to update what was happening then.

To all the bloggers, fyi, there will be a blog contest about Sunsilk by the way, I have yet to find what are the mechanics. I am sure many bloggers will join because laptops and ipods are at stake! 🙂 Nice, love it!

Because I still have to report for a night shift work, I left ahead of my fellow bloggers, left Taste Asia at about 9:20pm. When I exited the venue, the crew handed me my give away!! Yey, four bottles of new sunsilk co-creation variants… I will no longer buy shampoo for many months, thank you Sunsilk!!!


And so that is the present I’ve got, months supply of shampoo, weee 🙂

Thank you so much Az Colladilla for sending us the invite, if not you, I will never have a chance to witness this show, I perhaps would be anywhere the event area looking for a best position to watch the show.

Thank you sunsilk for the luscious and eniticing dinner and the give away. And thank you Alex and Nherz and to the newly met blogger Sarah Cada, Jonel Uy and Ryan San Juan were also there, also spotted the Espacio couple. Hope to see you next blogger’s event 🙂

Till then,