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Wanted to Join Sunsilk Blog Contest

I received an email from Ms. Joyce Ramos of Sunsilk about the mechanics of Sunlsilk blog contest, “Only New Sunsilk Co-Creation Completes My Fashion Statement”. I drafted my supposedly entry last Friday when I was yet to sleep and had not feel sleepy too. Until now, I have not finish it. I have until tomorrow to finish the entry but I feel not inspired to join. I don’t know if my fellow bloggers who joined the Sunsik Co-creation Fashion Week joined in.

Anyway, here are the photos I am supposed to include, “noon at ngayon”




And and i need another picture showing my hair,…with sunsilk I use…har, I miss Dave this time, she took photo of me when I join contest like this, how can it be now when she’s in Utah? 🙁

I hope I will be inspired to finish my piece tomorrow, it is the deadline ampf and haven’t finalized it yet… Furthermore, I also have to answer our HBO final exam, due also yesterday. Good thing we have no work tomorrow, it’s US Memorial Day, I have all day to finish these… hopefully……….

Till then,