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Only Beautiful Hair from the New Best-Ever Sunsilk Completes My Fashion Statement

OMG, there’s new Sunsilk co-creation *woot*!!! I am sure many of us will grab this in the market wohoo!! Let me share to you how Sunsilk is very important to me.

I’ve been maintaining my long hair since I was in grade school. I tried cutting it shoulder length when I was in my fourth grade and second year high school. My classmates teased me and called me diwata for having that hair, I don’t care, so long as I feel confident having that long, it’s my clowning ahahaha, crowning glory anyway.

You wouldn’t believe me but this is the truth, I started using Sunsilk shampoo since I was a kid. I remember during my elementary days, I was using the pink sachet, my cousin was using orange then. I love the smell, it leaves my hair smelling fresh all day long. I never dared trying other brand as I was afraid something unwanted might happen to me, see my hair, it was that long. Pardon the photos, digital camera haven’t existed that time yet. Are you willing to give up that crown for a different brand? I sticked!


This is how I blog, too serious 🙂 🙂 . Those pictures are way way too old, grade four, fourth year high school, fourth year college and the last one was during my last day at Rapid Forming Corporation last August 2004.

Wow, it’s been six years after that, and what now? Would you believe I still have that hair?


I told you 🙂 and I am still using sunsilk shampoo, same variant – pink. I never had a hard time managing my hair, fixing it and styling it. Letting down my long hair is my sole style, simple yet elegant. I am confident that with that simple long hair, I still create an impression. I remember when I was in grade sixth, one of the guys in our barangay told me “Neng, ganda ng buhok mo, wag mo ipapagupit buhok mo ha!” It was waist-length then, and I never tied it too.

Thank you Sunsilk for giving me that manageable, long hair, I am not blessed with beautiful face, however, with my hair, I feel that I am. With my hair, it does not cost me much, I don’t even need to visit the salon, fix and repair my hair. I don’t need to ask the stylist to style my hair every time there is an event, I can style it on my own.


What more interesting is, with the new Sunsilk co-creation especially the “Smooth and Manageable” variant, it really completes my look! Smooth and manageable which is enriched with Keratin Yogurt Nutri-Complex, it gently cleanses and coats my hair strands to smoothen my hair. Thank you Yuko Yamashita for teaming up with Sunsilk and created this most advanced Smooth and Manageable formulation for extraordinary smoother. It helps me achieved an expert-touched and salon quality hair.


I want to maintain my hair as is, I couldn’t count how many commendations I received with my volumed long hair. It is indeed my crown that will never be transferred and bequeathed to anyone, it is solely mine. I am not selfish, ajejeje, if only I can give this hair to you, nevertheless, I can give you the shampoo I am using so you can achieve an expert-touched hair like mine 🙂

Only Sunsilk, new best ever sunsilk always completes my fashion statement!!!

Till then,

  • wow very good presentation elegant i give the highest rate good luck god bless

  • ang ganda po nga hair mo!! heheheh!!! gusto ko rin po nyan!!!

  • hello po ate dhina!! ang ganda po ng hair mo!! stick to one po tlaga!! sunsilk dn po gamit namin yung color green naman po!! 😀

  • Jessa

    I guess the main reason why Randell can’t resist your presence/charm is your beautiful long hair .^_^.

  • oh my jessa… what da…….. anyway, thanks sa comment!!!
    @ mars mavic thanks ha..
    hi lyca, salamat sa comment.. study hard!! muahhhhhhh

  • Love it! Choosing the right shampoo must not be only be based on hair type but most importantly on your lifestyle.

    You might wanna check my blog too an tell me what you think of my post. =)

    Good luck! 🙂

    Let’s spread the word! =)

  • 🙂 gusto ko tong line na to : If only I can give this hair to you, nevertheless, I can give you the shampoo I am using so you can achieve an expert-touched hair like mine

    Nice post 🙂 Good luck sa atin! weeeeeeee! 🙂

  • thanks litlitlonaya (hope i wrote it right 😛 i wish i know your real namae! good luck sa ating lahaT!

  • thanks ellen!! I like your post!! it’s nice… good luck sa ating lahat!! 🙂

  • Anna

    Yeah,, Sunsilk really completes your fashion statement.,, Good Luck,, im so proud of you sis.,,, God bless

  • edna

    uy mars… sino yun ha.. sya na ba? ano nga name nya.. Randell? hehe

  • thanks sis anna!!!

  • edna

    ganda talaga hair nyan mars ko.. inside and out beautiful yan.. sunsilk pala secret mo..hehe

  • @ mars edz…. ahm, he is my classmate… pero hindi sya jejeje 🙂

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  • Joice

    Ate dhina ang ganda ng website mo… ganda rin ng hair mo.. gumagamit ka pala ng sunsilk co creations….
    ingatz po lague…
    Only sunsilk… nakita mo po sa fashion show si sarah geronimo??

  • thanks joice! unfortunately, wala dun si sarah g. nasa US concert tour kasi sya during that day eh, ung Sunsilk Philippine Fashion Week… sayang nga hindi ko sya na witness… next tym 🙂

  • mitch

    hanggang ngaun long hair k p rin…ok lng un shiny nmn e…mganda p rin…sunsilk pl gmit mo ha…kya pl mganda hair mo 2lad ng sken..hehe

  • Don Manzanilla

    sobrang ganda tlga ng buhok nya.

  • thanks mitch!!!
    thanks sir don 🙂

  • hi dhinna.your word were inspiring.i know youn since elementary and your such a brilliant student then.nung ng guest ka sa graduation ng elementary sa atin wow im amaze asa pinas pa ako nun. i watched you.continue to work hard malayo pa mararating m. and im proud na nasa pinas ka at dyan mo ipinakikita how succesful you are.

  • thanks mylene!!! you were there pala… so u witnessed me cried jejeje.. thanks ha at na-touch kita…. at ingat ka jan sa canada 🙂 i know magiging successful ka and ma-aachieve mo dreams mo in life 🙂 keep it up and God Speed po!!

  • Anah

    It is my pamangkin who kinda “introduce” me to the pink brand, the latest one. She used it with my baby girl and when I came home that night, I got that good smell and asked her.

    Then I saw the add, Im amazed how Sunsilk invest that much for us to have an elegant hair. I shop that weekend and bought the 4 brands (in sachet) for us to try them out. Then I got hooked with the pink one and even brought here in Singapore.

    I love Sunsilk and it compliments my long, black hair :).

    Kudos Sunsilk!

  • hi anah!! thanks much…. Great you also love sunsilk!!

  • elsie

    hi! singhaba ng hair mo ang iyong mga pangarap, alam ko naman na kayang kaya mo yan sayo pa walang imposible. Me too i used sunsilk.

  • I really was not expecting that this entry will make it as a finalist. Sumali lang ako for fun and to share my experience with sunsilk.. Anyhow, just wish all my fellow blogger finalist a good luck.. See you on june 16 guys!!

    see the list of finalists on the link below…

  • thanks tin!! 🙂

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