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One Way of Improving Your Rank

As I have noticed, many of my fellow bloggers are holding t0o many contest for their readers and other bloggers as well. And this is one of the ways to improve the blog’s rank, and it’s effective. I don’t know how they do it, but they are being sponsored by some companies or products. They are giving away products, goodies or items from that sponsors, gift cheques also are common. This could be indexed in the net for sure. I tried pdf search engine and found that this one is also helpful when you are searching for something.

 I have not tried making a contest for my readers, I don’t even think I have one though 🙁  What I do is update my page every day, make sure I always have a post at least one, post about everything and anything under the sun.

If only I could also hold contests for my readers (hoping I have) to reach out for them ajejejeje 🙂 it’s a nice and effective way anyway.

However, I have made a way of helping my reader, I posted some tips and advices about something like resume, finding a lob, basic blogging, and some other inspiring experiences I had. I think in these ways, I have reached them somehow.

I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that one day, I will be able to hold a blog contest or any online contest too 🙂 To my fellow bloggers who already do this, congratulations and keep it up! I look up to you 🙂

Till then,