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What You Need to Know About Accutane

Many of us are looking for the best treatment for acne. Others spent amounts of money curing it, to no avail sometimes no satisfying effect is achieved. It’s hard I know if you have that reddish swelling spot on your face and sometimes really is painful and you can’t shun but prick and scratch it, which will cause more problem. I myself has gone to that, although not severe, but still they were reddish, it caused me lose my self esteem. Good thing, it turned out well, my positive outlook in life helped me recover from such experience.

There is this accutane class action that discusses about the acne treatment, Accutane is the main issue here. Yes, it is tested that it helps reducing the amount of oils a person’s glands is producing and that it is helpful for acne patients because it reduces the oil that collects from acne. Accutane is reserved for patients who have undergone  every other type of acne treatment without success. It has a miraculous way to end acne and clear up the skin of those acne patients.

Although accutane has this miraculous way of treating acne, this also has alarming disadvantages that you must know. Since the medication works by drying out the body’s oil production, some of the most common side effects include dry lips, dry eyes and dry nasal pasages. In many cases, when the nasal passages dry out, it becomes sore and bleeds easily. Those are the common side effects. Worse are, for pregnant women taking accutane, it can cause miscarriages, birth defects and infant mortality. It also has been linked to depression and suicide, liver damage and hearing loss. One of the most unbearable side effects with accutane is its impact on the digestive sytem. It also has been connected with serious bowel problems, bone problems and it can also lead to chronic life-altering conditions that greatly decrease the quality of life for sufferers.

With this, you should think first whether to take accutane or not, or else 🙁

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