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Michael Jackson on the Bus

To kill the boredom felt by the passengers of JAC Liner bus going to Quezon, the conductor played cd – History of Michael Jackson. Since, I also love his songs, I captured video of them. Some concerts of him were shown, witnessing the crowd during the concerts, how they patronized MJ, screamed out loud, others fainted.

Among the songs played were Billy Jeans, Beat It, Liberian Girl dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor, Smooth Criminal, The Way You Make Me Feel, You Are Not Alone was the last I heard. I needed to stepped down and I did not need to stay just to finish the tracks lols.. 🙂

I will try to post videos here, albeit captured through my phone, will update this later. OMG, I can’t convert the videos, they’re 3gp.. I have here the teaser instead from youtube. ENJOY!!

Till then,