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Frequent Motor Accident

Many people nowadays own a motorcycle, they use this as their means of transporting themselves from and to work. It is facile than any other vehicles, however, it is more dangerous though. There have been too many cases of motor accidents others unfortunately died and do not survive, I wonder if they have a good life insurance rates which will protect them in anyway whatever accident happens to them. This is a must have.

In the Philippines, there is a bill and law about driving a motorcycle, you can only drive one if you are in complete safety gear, especially the helmet or head cap. Unfortunately, others disobey this especially those who are driving in the provinces like ours. Just last April, one of my classmates died because of motor accident. He was about to buy food in the nearby barangay with his cousin and unfortunately was hit by a bus, he did not survive, he died on the spot. The man with him survive but is still confined in the icu due to brain damage.

We should always be extra careful when driving cars, be safe, be accident-free 🙂

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