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If Only I Can Turn Back Time

If only I can turn back time, I will still do the same things I did before. Those had made me adamant and steadfast facing all the sacrifices life brought. I would still choose the family I have now, for me life is so fruitful and fair that it’s worth treasuring every minutes and seconds of your breathing. I live my life to the way I know is inspirational, not only witness by my family but also of all the people around me. They can vouch for that! I am blessed with loving family, and that I will never exchange for something, they are my inspiration, they are my strength.

Others complain about their lives, but for me, life will treat you the way how you treated it, if you live in an optimistic way, then life will do the same. Be positive, try to convert the negative into positive, we can always do that, we are the masters of our selves, we are the captain of our own boats. Might as well do the best for you and those people around you 🙂

Till then,