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The Future of the Philippines Lies on His Hands – Noynoy Aquino, the Newly Elected President of the Country

Officially, yesterday was a history – June 09, 2010, Late and former President Corazon Aquino’s only son – Benigno Aquino III known as Noynoy, has been proclaimed as the new and the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines. Everyone is looking to what changes he will do to the country, what development he will initiate, others belittle him. Fate and destiny led him to run as the President, he had no plans actually at all, yet, when his mother left, this had gave him the mettle to run in Presidency.

As one of the millions who believe in him, I wish that in his administration, the country may finally achieve the long lost dignity, may our country be excluded and expunged from being the top corrupt country in the whole world. May he help the poor and destitute, may he treat all Filipinos equal and may he uplift the country’s economic condition. He cannot make it alone though, we, the countrymen have a big role for it, we don’t need to solely rely on him, we must do our part, we must help him in developing the country. Don’t just sit back, do your best part for our country, all Filipinos are heroes.

To President Noynoy, we believe in your capacity and ability to rule the whole nation, you can do it!

Till then,