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And I am One of the Sunsilk Expert-Touched Style Blog Contest Finalists

When we attended the Sunsilk Co Creation Philippine Fashion Week last May 26, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia, there was an after party dinner done at Taste Asia. Yummy foods were served, there were the Unilever peeps, media and blogger, of course staff were there as well. While we were enjoying our food and had some net too, the host announced the Sunsilk Style Blog contest, criteria were enumerated and how will the bloggers win the lenovo laptop and ipod. I was having a wee conversation with Sara Cada that time and we discussed the blog contest. We agreed that it was tough, you need to gain a popularity in order to win. And so because I am not that popular, I was discouraged to join. What me decide to join then? Alex Dizon is one of my fellow bloggers who was there at fashion event too and I saw that he announced or posted his blog entry, and read it of course. That was the time that I decided to join, one day before the contest ended. The deadline was May 31st and I was still drafting mine on the night of 30th. I had difficulty composing it, what concept and how can I make it as incredible and convincing, then finally I thought, why not tell my personal experience using Sunsilk shampoo – only new best ever sunsilk completes my fashion statement, so my post has finished. I submitted it, I made it to the deadline. As I did it, winning was not on my mind, it never came to me, I saw great posts and made me realize that I have no chance of winning. Winning was not my first purpose, coz i know i can’t. And luckily, I saw at SunsilkHair Expert’s page that I am one of the finalists of the mentioned contest.


at the event – photo grabbed from Az Coladilla


Sunsilk Blog Finalists –  i see my name!!

On June 16, the winners, lucky winners of Lenovo laptop and iPod will be awarded, at Taste Asia again., i will be seeing my fellow bloggers as well. I am keeping my fingers crossed. However, win or lose, I still will be very happy, being chosen again as the finalist is already an award, having been able to see my name is a great great prize for me.

Good luck to all of us, especially Ellen Joy Castel – though we’ve not met yet, I am looking forward to meeting you and Arvin Ello, whom I’ve met the first bloggers’ event I’ve attended through Ms. Janette Toral.

Kudos and till then,