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Do All Mothers Feel the Same Way?

As I have mentioned, I will be creating a post regarding the motherly conversation I had during the Sunsilk Expert – Touched Style Blog contest awarding of winners (ooopppss, correction, I am not mother yet, just want to share some few thoughts and reality shared with me by Tita of being a mother and Carl as a son). I liked the topic Tita and Carl was discussing (not their real names).

Tita shared that she is so jealous with her son’s girlfriend, she even doesn’t want the girl to be her son’s girlfriend and sometimes she even tells some negative things about a girl. Upon knowing this, Carl said that she should not treat the girl like that, as Carl knows the feeling of being in Tita’s son situation. Carl went to a relationship for 7 years, after that long term period, his girlfriend broke up with him. He shared Tita while I was listening that the most touching moment he had with his mom was during this time, she was hugged by his mother when she learned that his girl broke up with him, Carl’s mother advised him not to get angry with his girl, not to say something bad, that he shall be gentleman enough to face this trial, Carl felt the concern of his mother, how much she loves by his mother. He felt tears flowing from his mother’s eyes as he was hugged by his mom. Oh so touching… Tita said that mothers feel the pain more painful than their kids do, kung pwede nga lang daw sya na ang sumalo ng lahat ng sakit na mararamdaman ng kanyang mga anak. This is why Carl’s mother hugged him tightly during the time of his breakup, her mother felt double the pain.

Turning the mother’s feeling toward her kids, Tita shared that when she learned that her eldest daughter has a boyfriend, she couldn’t sleep, she was in fidget, she can’t accept the fact that her baby who just turned 18 is now with guy as her daughter’s boyfriend. Tita shared that it was really painful to accept that her daughter is now committed into a bf-gf relationship. But then, the boyfriend of her daughter proved that he has no bad intention but a pure love for her daughter, he proved to Tita’s family that he was worth to be her daughter’s boyfriend.

Do all mothers feel the same way? I thought of my mother when I heard the story above. Did she feel the pinch in her heart when I told her that I now have a boyfriend? (OMG,I’m 29 already, hoping she’s not in pain). Hearing the story made me realize that Tita was correct, I saw the honesty in her, she was not reluctant to share it with us. She said, mothers are in pain doubly when their kids feel aches. Oh I miss inay.

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