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When I was just starting to blog two years ago, one of my purposes is to have something where I can express my thoughts and feelings, and I found this blogging. I don’t mind if this is open to public and readable to every one what I had on my mind was to express what I feel as if I am saying it to a person face to face. I find it facile expressing my feelings through writing rather than personally sharing it to a person.

As I was honing myself from this hobby, I learned that there are lots of things I need to know, such as the page rank, index, seo, backlinks and etc. I had no idea that updating your blog daily and gaining more readers and unique visitors will increase your page rank and that will have the advantage of engaging into internet marketing. HOW? Notice the ads flashing on my blog, that is one. Others are through paid posts. Having a good seo or search engine optimization – for others who’s not familiar with seo, it is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website or a webpage such as a blog through natural or unpaid search results, the theory is that, the earlier or the higher a site or blog appears in the search reults list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. And now you will realize how important it is for your blog to have a good seo standing, this will enhance your internet marketing. I notice this, every time I search something, the first I click is the one listed first, so might as well work on improving your blog’s seo 🙂

I don’t know if mine has a good seo standing, it doesn’t matter anyway, so long as I always update this and able to express what I feel and share information to other people around. And I hope, this blog somehow inspire my readers. Some though is not inspiring, but I make sure that I have posts that are inspiring enough, sharing my opinions, it’s my blog theme anyway, to opine on a certain things about life 🙂

Hope this helps…

Till then,