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Happy Father’s Day Tatay

My tatay, the eldest of eleven siblings, he who was not able to finish high school because he wanted to help lolo earning a living, responsible kuya and tatay. He also is a kind brother to his siblings, man of few words to them.  A loving husband and father to all of us. He is very kind, he never spanked nor berated me, except when I made fun of him, I pulled the chair when he was about to sit, hehehe 🙂 , he fell on the ground, he twisted my ear, that was the first and final time he got mad of me.

When I was a kid, he always wanted me to accompany him in fiesta and some occasion, as a child, sige go, and he always went home drank, I was always there to guide him. My father, simpleng Fernado Poe movie suffices him, I love the way he laughs, I love him watching comedy shows because he really laughed out loud, that was why I bought Mr. Bean hahaha, because I want to hear his laughters.

My father sent and fetched me in kanto of our barangay riding in his bicycle when I was studying in college. He woke up early that time. There was even one time when my father fetched me using his bicycle and I was riding, I was already working then, one of my friends saw it and told me that he is so sweet.

He still strives hard for my family, I help them of course, but they also wanted to earn through themselves, tatay is a vendor, selling butse and pilipit riding his bike. He never gets tired rising up early helping inay preparing the paninda.


Tay, we love you, we wouldn’t be responsible citizens of this country if not with your guidance and and of inay. You always are our makulit and paulit ulit magkwento na tatay. You are sometimes silent, but I know that your heart is full of happiness, you know what I mean. I hope in my own little ways, I gave you much happiness. Thank you for taking care of us and providing us our needs as much as you can, to the extent that you did not go home and slept at your work just to feed us, working in a rice mill, peddling and most of all a carpenter. You are a very successful man for building a happy home. I love it 🙂

We love you tatay no one can be as loving as you, as caring as you, our humble and loving tatay in this world. You are one and only, the best in the whole world. We love you! Mwah much 🙂