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How Email is Important to Us

I realized the importance of email only during my second job, in Rapid Forming Corporation to where I worked for one year and seven months as a Cost Accounting Staff. I communicated with people from in and out of the company through email, whether we are just seatmates or distance away. In order for us to successfully deliver and receive emails, we need to have email hosting which will help in data and email transferring from different port or IP address. I was using our corporate email account then, business related emails were being transmitted though some personal stuff were allowed.

Until now, I still am using email and found it very beneficial to my daily task. Honestly, aside from clocking in when I get to office (we’re using electronic time in and out so we need to do it first) the first thing I do is opening my email, checking whether I have something to do urgently, and reading some other not so important ones. After that, I’ll mark it unread again (those important) and start to do what are there. I can say, I cannot live without email, it is a very important means of communicating with clients, fellow workers and friends sometimes.

I also have my personal account and always checking what’s in there. This, I use to communicate with my friends.

If you don’t have one, might as well register for free or have email hosting.

Till then,