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How to Make a House a Home

No place could ever replace a home, this is why we need to make a house a home. It has a difference according to my teacer, a house is not a home. A home according to H.L. Mencken is not a mere transient shelter, its essence lies in the personalities of the people who live in it. A house is a structure but a home is the people who live in the house and make it safe and pleasant place to be. Home is where the heart is – as we often hear. 

Anyone of us can make a house a home, especially if done with San Diego Bedspreads those rooms to make it more comforable to sleep with and spend time resting with, PhotobucketSan Diego Window Shades are also to consider, make it cooler and cozier, no place will be felt as good as a home if surrounded by beautiful and cozy windows. Photobucket Furthermore, I know you want to create an excellent impression even at the very entrance of your doorstep, might as well use san diego granite and you will never be ashamed.



PhotobucketThese pictures are just some suggestions, yet, we can have a home in any way we can, no matter how it looks, no matter how big or small that is, so long as the persons living inside have harmony, respect, love and unity in each other, then that is what we finally call home.

It starts in our ownselves, if we treat each other as one and as a family, if we are living in a box, it is still consider a home. Remember, a house is just a structure, no heart is in it. I want to always spend my time n a home rather in a house 🙂

We can always make a difference, if you are presently living in a house, you can easily make it a home, just live with a heart 🙂

Till then,