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Take Care of Your Eyes

I had to go to an opthalmologist last week and had my eyes checked up. I cannot wear my contact lenses for hours, it irritated me, my eyes got red and painful so I needed to take them off and wear my eyeglasses instead. The opthalmologist gave me medications to cure the folicular reactions of my eyes. I’ll be using my eyeglasses meanwhile.

Let’s discuss something about eyeglasses, where to acquire a better one, cheaper, affordable and durable. I am referring to EO, the no.1 online eyeglasses store. They take pride in offering their clients with prescription eyeglasses at a very high quality product and affordable prices. Their shipping cost is also very low and you have the option to order in bulk, it’s fixed though. ZenniOptical also offers a very nice designs, the wearer does not need to worry about looking older when eyeglasses are doned. Aside from that, you can also request some additional features like bifocals, here, you would need to add wee amount, don’t worry, it’s cheaper than any other stores.

We should take care of our eyes for us not to wear eyeglasses, avoid reading while in a vehicle, don’t wash your face after a long hours of reading and eat green leafy vegetables. I had this 125/100 vision last 2006, I had 20/20 before, but due perhaps to computer exposure for more that eight hours, I now have that 125/100 vision and wear eyeglasses to have a clearer vision. So take good care of yours to see the beauty of the world forever 🙂

Till then,