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The Best Way to Ease Your Pain is to Talk to God

After a burst of pain and tears yesterday afternoon, I thought of comforting myself alone. At first I want to just prowl in the mall for a short time, it changed and I finally decided to visit Jesus Shrine just beside MOA and talk to Him. I wanted to release the pain I had, vanish the anguish within that suddenly strucked me. Fortunately, God’s door was open, He welcomed me with His two hands, and guided me as I walked and sitted in front of Him. I felt Him that moment, He embraced me and comforted me as I was talking to Him. Then how fortunate of me again that there was a mass, this had helped me finally eased the pain I had. After approximately one hour and the mass has ended, I left Him and went back to the office, not fully recovered yet half of the pain was gone.

Prayer is a very helpful tool for us to resolve any problem or wanted to achieve something. He is just thin distance away. I am not telling that you shall call Him only when you need Him or in times of your burden, but what I am saying is that, when you are having a heavy burden and found no one to share your emotions with, God is always there to comfort you. Utter some help, talk to Him as if He is in your front face to face telling what you feel, it really helps, tested and proven 🙂

God bless us, pray always, thank Him for all the things we have and had 🙂

Till then,