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All in One

I heard from the entertainment news the growing needs of the Philippine actors and actresses of the motor homes where they can utilize wherever they go, on taping or on any shooting. The motor homes vehicles will include the complete set of a house like a bedroom, kitchen, living room – all in one. A moving house.

The actors want this because of lack of time going back and forth to their respective homes to rest, with motor homes, they can comfortably rest while travelling.

I think not only actors should have this, this will also be useful to all those busy persons who are having hard time going their homes, hehehehe, and I suggest those businessmen should have this one too 🙂

I watched recently that one of the Batangas public officials’ own a motor homes, she uses this when travelling to Manila as her province is three hours drive away, so that time she can read, review and sign some documents while at travel and even can conduct a meeting. She finds it very useful, and time has not been wasted. Time for her really is important that is why she looked for ways how to manage it effectively, and she arrived at having this useful vehicle.

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