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My First Time in Hongkong

Our Teambuilding…….. After a Friday night shift work, we left Manila at about 4:30 in the morning headed to Clark Pampanga for our Hongkong flight at 7:00 in the morning. We were the last passengers who arrived in Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA), we wished to sit in window area, unfortunately because we were almost late, we did not make it har har har.

Photobucket We seated at the very last row of the plane, Cebu Pacific. By the way, we got our ticket in promo. Wait, alam nyo ba why I posted that coffee in this post? It’s because I had my first kashungahan. I thought it was free – when the FS passed by and said, coffee, anyone? I said me!! Mocha coffee please, nya, I even woke up Bec and told her that the breakfast is there to my dismay, she told me that it was not free. Huhuhu, too late, the coffee was served, for how much? Otsyenta y pesos (php80.00) po! 🙁 Awww, if only I knew. Next funny thing, when we were about to arrive, the crew said, you may unfasten your seatbelt now, oh no, I was not able to fasten my seatbelt after I went to the lavatory, and it was hard to unfasten if it was not fastened though 🙂 .

Hongkong time! We were fetched by a, a, ahahaha forgot, we were fetched by a shuttle and brought us to Mexan Harbour Hotel, left our baggage and had lunch at Mc Donald! We stayed in Mexan as I’ve mentioned, located at Tsing Yi Hongkong, overseeing the harbor haha, container vans and some tall buildings on the other side. Our first day, we survived roaming around. How to get around? Let me share how we manage to tour some part of HK.

From Mexan Hotel, there is a station 88G or Kwai Fong, ride a bus and it will bring you to Tsuen Wan, fare is HK$3.40. Riding a bus from Kwai Fong or 88G station, Photobucket to MTR Tsue Wan station. If you wish to ride an MTR, you need to go to the ticket machine, press the station where you want to go and drop your fare. We had HK$8.25 each going to Tsim Sha Tsui. Pag nahirapan ka, just look around and see if there are Filipinos around, like what we did 🙂 Thank you kababayans!

We went to a night market located in Mongkok station, from Tsim Sha Tsui station, we rode back to Mongkok from Tsim Sha Tsui – here branded items can be found but in Mongkok, night market (DV of the Philippines) cheap items can be found, same with Central station.

First day – where did we take our lunch? at Mc Do!!! I had Grilled Chicken Burger and shake fries cost $25.xx, not bad, they tasted good! What a funny moment was when one of my teammates asked water from a crew , the crew gave him a salt hehehehe… It really was hard sometimes conversing to other people when one cannot understand what he or she is saying, like what happened to us in HK.

Miser moment – we shared food, we had bread and spam shared for the five of us. Poor poor poor, no utensils available on the hotel, we used the can’s cover as the slicer of the spam, tsk tsk tsk… Team built with this!