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Countdown Begins

Half year has waned, another half to live, and hour is running so fast, as my POM professor told us last Saturday, you can bring back anything except time, it is so precious that we need to spend it wisely, do whatever we could do today. July, August, September, October, and then November, time for haloowen, custome party, and it is time to make use of Terminator Costumes! Be creative, choose the best and win prizes hehehe. Anyway, custome party is not only during haloowen, you can be at your best custome anytime don’t you?

Countdown begins, the remaining half year will surely run fast, we must do everything we can, materialize all the plans we have in mind. Be kind to to others, reconcile with enemies, 2012 is coming 🙁 And what are my plans though? Lots of plans in mind, hope I can do them all.

And by the way, first typhoon had hit the country, BASYANG. I had a sleepless night due to blowing, and whistling of strong wind, it seemd like there was a ghost, and darkeness embraced Philippines. First typhoon for 2010, fortunately, the damage was not that severe as compared to the ones caused by Ondoy last year. I am thankful that my family in my province wasn’t affected either. Hope no more typhoons, no more harm for us.

Till then