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God Chooses the Best Partner for Us

I believe that God chooses the best things for us, it is our responsibility to live well with these things. He knows what is best for us. We could have been sitting for long while waiting for the best partner God reserves for us, and that long wait is worth it. To some, this may not be applicable, there are those relationships tested by trials and gave up, and there are those successes either. Nothing is perfect but we could make it as though it is perfect, by way of dealing with it possibly and by faith.

I may say to this early, God already gave me the best partner for me, I have not seen him personally, but the trust, care and love is there. He is light years away, however I can feel he’s always beside me. I do not know why though he can’t see me, I religiously obeying what he told me to do (and these are for my own good). I believe that God has made a best love story for me, He gave me a partner who understands me and my situation, as well as that of my family, who understands me in my topak moments and I thank him for that. (till here first)

There are many cases and situations, different stories on how a couple became such, ours is no different, it is I think happened to someone every where. And I am sure ours will last for a lifetime, forever like yours right?

I know I am not to clear with this post, will be posting something again soon. For now, let this be.

Till then,