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Techy Age

We cannot deny the fact that we are currently living in a modern day and techy generation. All people even at young age is aware of this, from radio or walkie talkie, to beeper to cellphones, iphones, to computers – desktop, laptop, netbook, ideapad and ipad; these are some of the modern technologies people tend to be busy using with. It’s very beneficicial though, we can get so many important information like surfing the net, it’s out tertiary source of data, as we’ve discussed in Method. Not only searchint information, there is these social network sites wherein every one has the chance to reconnect with friends and kins. Likewise with the protruding and developing online store, it’s like a circuit city wherein everyone can browse items online and choose those that catch our interest.

It is indeed beneficial to all of us, yet this has disadvantages other people misuse these gadgets, and that we should learn to be wary of.

Till then,