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It’s Schooling Time Again

Last June 14, 2010, students from public and private schools went back to attend their first day in class, meet their classmates and friends, and their teachers as well. When I was a student, I was excited to attend my first day of class and use my new school supplies, I am sure, all students feel the same way as I was.

With regards to undergraduate course, the high school students are starting to think and decide what course will they be taking up come college years. This is necessary, and what important is, the student should be decisive enough and be consistent to what course they want to take, don’t take the course just because your parents want you to take it, otherwise, you’ll regret it at the end. You may prefer to personally attend a class and discuss subjects, topics and learn everything face to face, meet new friends and be active. You may also opt to look for accredited online degrees and take subjects over the computer. But for me, I prefer to personally attend a class and meet my classmates and become their friends. It’s your choice though. What you need to have is the mettle to finish the degree and benefit from it.

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