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I Missed Sunsilk Media Launch

I received an invitation last Thursday regarding the  Sunsilk Co-Creation Media Launch slated and conducted on Friday 6pm at Whitespace Makati City. Two of the seven hair experts came here in Manila to launch the New Sunsilk Co Creations, they were Yuko Yamashita and Teddy Charles. Sarah Geronimo, the main endorser of Sunsilk was there to help promote the product. I missed it totally!

Sunsilk has seven new variants, for hair protection, dandruff control, smooth and silky, they also has one   hair loss cure or hair fall control. During the first two Sunsilk events, they gave me and my fellow bloggers sunsilk shampoos, I gave some to my friends. 🙂

I hope there will be another event like this, and I wish, lassitude would not struck me again.

Till then,