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My Friend’s Upcoming Wedding at Villa Escudero

Vongga! The first word i liked today 🙂 Yes, bongga, grandiloquent, sosyal, extravagant, the upcoming wedding of a freind of mine will be done at Villa Escudero, the ceremony and reception. It will be this coming Saturday. Best wishes to the couple. (Don’t get mad at me, I did not asked permission from you for this post and photo)  🙂


Villa Escudero is a plantation and resort on the border of Tiaong Quezon and San Pablo City Laguna. It accepts special occasion celebration like wedding and etc. It is one of the country’s tourist spots. I have never been there, and thanks to my friend, I will finally be entering the Villa Escudero on Saturday and will enjoy the beauty at its best. Please click here for some helpful tips.

More to come about Villa after the wedding 🙂 watch out hehe.

Till then,