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My First Cebu Pacific Flight Experience

I forgot to share the experience I or we had during our Hong Kong travel last July 3-5, 2010. We had to grab the Cebu Pac promo which had to be daparted from Clark Pampanga at Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA), the fare costed for more or less 6K each, exclusive of course of the travel and terminal fee amounting to P2,200 and P600 respectively.

Our first time at DMIA, we had to walk from the airport to the plane, maybe we need to don motorcycle jacket, it was hot! I recalled, one of the grandfys that we happened to chat for wee moment told us, “lalakad pa tayo sa disyerto” , I did not get what he used to convey, and then, I realized what was it when we left the airport and saw the plane that we need to reach.

We left the country on July 3, 2010, departure was smooth, and had my unwittingly moment, I  have shared it in my prior post, it was about the P80 coffee I ordered at the plane, thought it was served for free, poor me 🙁 I had my expensive coffee in the air! The travel lasted for forty-five minutes, and when we were getting lower and the altitude was not that high, I felt I was riding a roller coaster due to the high turbulence made, it was tough, bad and quite disppointing, my first time that way. I have not experienced it during my flight to and from Utah. Fortunately, this bad and turbulent experience was replaced by an amazing pilot who made our flight back to Philippines on July 5, 2010 – landing at DMIA smoothly, no turbulence. In fact, the passengers clapped to surprised and amazement, experiencing a smooth landing back to Clark Pampanga. Just wish all flights are like that 🙂 A job well done, a pilot worth a loud of applause, but I was so again so bad that I did not know his name, anyway, I still want to express my amazement!

Till then,