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The Reality

Time to unwind, time to relax, time to spend my wee hour earning (this is secret hehehe), I need to earn for my MBA, and hopefully I can get my target by mid-September (anyways, two months remaining, I am thinking positively). OMG, I hardly notice this, perhaps because I was so busy taking steps in achieving my plans and dreams, I hardly notice that I am already in my late teens *ngek* as if!, in my late twenty’s, I cannot feel that I am that though, I still feel the childish feeling in me, young and imature, imature yet mature (seems baffling isn’t it). I don’t need to use prototype 37c, I have this young feeling deep within 🙂

However, though I feel those within, I must face the reality that it’s time to be serious, it’s time to preponderate see if things are well-organized. Will do this, soon….

Till then,