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When in Dire Need

I was told a story by inay when I spent my weekend at home in Tiaong, Quezon last Sunday, a story about how cheap the cost of living was during their young age. A single centavo was worth hundred during that yore time. I was thinking then how fast really the time passes, look at us now, a single centavo has no value anymore, what can you buy with that amount nowadays, nothing right? You cannot even make your basket full of goods with just P500 at hand, a big difference, everything seems so expensive nowadays, in this 20th century, how much more in the coming years? Can we do something to shun and even stop this fast economic changes?

Sometimes, you get dizzy and headache thinking where to get money when in dire need, tuition fees, monthly bills, housing or car monthly amortization, credit card bills and monthly due for loans. Let’s all face it, we do experience times where all expenses are coming simultaneously that you even do not know how to settle those obligations. Wheow, sigh, shrug and pray that you will be able to surpass those. I’ve been through this many times and thankfully, I managed to take them smoothly and responsibly.

We can do something to responsibly face our liabilities, just explore and think of positive ways that will help you take these. There are many ways around, try to widen your outlook, visualize your conjecture and materialize them! We are responsible for all the things happening to us 🙂


Till then,