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Home is Where the Heart is

I see families spending their time along the highway, under the bridge and along the overpass, I also see falimies sleeping in a cart, or using a cart as their shelter . Where are their homes? Sad but true, that our country still belongs to a third world country – the poor ones, and the things I have mentioned are but a few situations and problems we long to solve. Many leaders have gone through this, yet remains unsolved. Hmmmm, I was just thinking, will the newly elected President be able to finally solve this? (wondering)

We are lucky to be sheltered under our homes, no matter what materials it was built. We really can feel that home is where the heart is, especially when there is love, harmony and unity within. We don’t need to acquire rustic furniture to call our house a home, the mere people living and spending time together. I am proud that I have a home to sleep with, to spend time with and to share laughs with.

I did hear from someone that we can call any structure as a home, whether it be a corrugated box, a cart, built under the bridge or along the high way, a home depends on the person or families living therein. I must say, it depends upon how perceive a home. Yours is a home too!

Till then,