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It Touches Us

One of the traditional ways of expressing our concerns, thoughts and love to our loved ones is giving them a card. It is but almost forgotten now in this generation. I was on this situation way back the 90’s. There was no internet during the early 80’s and I saw my cousins sending cards to her mother who was in Singapore. There were those cards with music.

And due to the invasion of modern technology, computer was born, DOS, LOTUS, and eventually, internet came in. The 20th century starts the urge to join different social networking, connecting people together. Just drop by their pages or wall, eave some message and okay. During special occassions like birthday, we may also go to their page and write some greetings, we can also send them custom business cards if it is business related. Too easy, we just need an internet connection and in just one click, out greetings will be seen right away. Unlike sending cards the traditional way, the receipient needs to wait for months before receiving it. But i like it this way, because I feel that I can sincerely express my feelings and love to that person though light years away. I believe it touches us more than receiving the greetings online or by SMS.

 Till then,