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ATV is Fun

What is atv? Oh wait, this isn’t a television it is an acronym for All Terrain Vehicle. Gotcha! I think this is one of the expensive hobbies and sports one can indulge with. Acquiring one is not a joke it’s serious 🙂 and I am not joking. I have not seen any kind of atv, however, television, magazines and internet help me visualize how this car is being driven and finally loved as a hobby and sport. There have been competitions engaiging nowadays and it is the atv racing. It must be a dangerous race, race is race and will always be risky, eventhough an atv is a four-wheeled vehicle. Anyway, you are not going to risk your life if you know you cannot do it don’t you?

Weehhh, and I said, atv is fun! Hmmmm, I think it is, since you are riding like a kid and will somehow bring out the childish in you 🙂 fun isn’t it?

Till then,