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It’s Weekend!!

Saturday! Weekend! I am supposed to attend my MBA class today but because I have an important commitment, I have no way but to miss again a day of my class. Wok up some early today, I will be going home, but before that, I went to an atm machine to get money, it’s our payday today! Unfortunately, to my dismay, no amount was added in my account, sad. I had no money left but P140 and I will be going home! Sighed, fortunately, I saved 5 and 10 coins and I got wee from it. I had nothing to bring home, my pasalubong, will buy there instead, or maybe someday i’ll try the wholesale, why not?

I texted my friends and officemates about what happened in our payroll, they initially did not have an idea, and then eventually, someone told me that our bank is undergoing a two day maintenance that started yesterday. Too bad of them, according also, we can transact from any bank but not from them during these days.. Tsk tsk… Hope thay properly informed every one about this.

ANyway, it’s weekend, and the bank should not ruin my day. I will be enjoying my time at home 🙂

Till then,