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Can I Ask You This?

I have been blogging since 2008 and honestly, there are still words that seem unfamiliar to me. Like the Link Building, can I ask you this, is this similar to backlinking? Wehhhhh, I have been hearing this from many, yet I just shrugged, what for? All I knew is I blog, I write and I enjoy this. And then eventually, I realized this will help you increase your page’s traffic. I should have link my page to many correct?

August, and I need to renew my domain, it will be turning two next month and the disk space is almost full that I also need to upgrade, it makes my page loading slowly. As I was logging in my panel, I see the red disk, oh no, it should be green! 🙁 Thanks to my fellow blogger who advised me not to upload pictures on my domain but use the other site, it helped! I transferred those big megabytes picture to that site and viola, I saved a lot of space, but not now 🙁 I badly needed to request an additional disk space, otherwise, this will appear “Error Loading Page, error 404”, i don’t want this. Before this happens, I will contact **** right?

Till then,