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Social Networking Sites I Enjoy

It was only last 2005 when I created my first social networking site. I enjoyed it to the time that I always was logged in. Yet nothing was new, I just uploaded pictures, watched pictures of my friends and reconnect with some other friends that I missed. For three years, I was always having it updated. And then on 2008, an officemate of mine invited me to create an account to today’s hot networking site. I created mine, but at first, I was not enjoying it as much as I enjoyed the first one, with the first one, I can personalized my theme, however, with this new one, I haven’t, it was just plain blue and white. It took me a long time before I appreciated it, perhaps some Social Media Agency needs to promote it, until one day, I finally was enjoying using it. Up until now, it was fun seeing your old friends whom you’ve haven’t found for years, see their shoutouts hear the latest news and pictures. It was also memorable to me because from this site, I found my one and only 🙂

I can say, I enjoy both, F_F, got what I mean? They’re both aiming to keep connected with friends and families. We just need to be cautious and wary posting something on it, other people abuse the sites, that is the bad side of it that we must be wary of.

Stay connected!

Till then,